Metu Eye Camp

by | May 16, 2016

The past two weeks we had two outreaches. The first week we had Aira outreach at Nedjo mission clinic where we operated on 127 patients and over 850 patients were examined. The second week we traveled to South west to Metu. This was our third outreach in Metu. Over 900 patients were examined and we did 154 surgeries. There were many bilaterally blind patients who got back their sight. Thanks to the Lord,everything has gone very well and as usual patients were very happy.

In first picture is Momina Boru, a 63 year old widow who was blind for the last 6 years. She was brought to the eye camp by her son-in-law who couldn’t take her to Aira or Jimma for financial reasons. She was eagerly waiting for the arrival of the team who has operated on on a man who lives in her neighborhood.

On examination she had bilateral mature cataract. Surgery was uneventful and she had excellent post op vision. On removing the patch she broke into tears. She was silent for minutes and then started to talk to the lady who sat next to her.

Ragassa Gemeda is a 53 year old male patients who was blind for the last four months. He was led to the clinic by his son. When he describes his life, he said that everything was dark. We would like to thank you and our donors for this life changing project. We are glad to be part of it.

With best Regards,
Dr. Samuel Bora Imana

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