Mobility Aids

The problem

Mobility impairment often occurs as a result of accident, disease, or congenital abnormality.  

A widespread belief in Ethiopia is that disability and mobility impairment is caused by a curse. Those with disabilities are often denied educational opportunities and may even be neglected or rejected by their family and community.  

It is common to see mobility impaired people moving about on their hands and knees.  Many families are unable to afford wheelchairs, crutches, and leg braces.

How we help

THAF works in rural areas of western Ethiopia where many people with disabilities and mobility impairments are unable to pay for even the minimal costs to access care.  

THAF supports the cost of wheelchairs, crutches, leg  braces and orthopedic shoes.  This allows disabled children and adults to achieve a higher degree of self reliance and mobility.  

With greater independence many of the children are able to go to school and live productive lives.

Whoever rescues a single soul is credited as though they had saved the whole world.

The Talmud