Cataract Surgery in Darimu

by | Aug 18, 2013

NEWS FROM DR SAMUEL Cataract Surgery in Darimu

Greetings from Aira. Last week we conducted the surgical cataract camp in Darimu. This is one of the rural towns with no eye care service. There is a small general clinic 16 km from Darimu town which is run by the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus.

The clinic in charge has organized the eye camp very well and we were able to operate on 160 patients. These patients were those who were unable to go to Aira Hospital for financial reasons. They are poor farmers. They were very thankful that the service came to them.

Attached, please find the photo of one of the patients who was operated on during this eye camp.

Ade Medina Dagafu is a 50 year-old female patient who was blind for the past three years. She has no children and her husband is the only one who takes care of her. When he leaves for farming she stays in the house alone and waits until he comes home, for any help she needs.

Since they are poor he could not take her to Aira hospital and she lost hope about every being able to see again. After the successful surgery she was very happy and she wept in joy. We are very thankful to you for supporting this life changing project. This has positively changed the lives of those who need it most.

God bless.


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