Providing the Tools for Healthier Lives in Ethiopia

Sight for the Blind

Providing Safe Water

Treatment for Podo

Support for Women and Children

Aids for the Disabled

We couldn’t ignore the need of all displaced people in Ethiopia. With the help of our partners, we distributed milled grains, which is the staple diet in the country. We are seeking to help with more needs and in more areas, without prejudice. #Ethiopia #nonprofit #ethiopianconflict #africa

This is What We Do


Many people in Ethiopia are blind due to dense cataracts. Thousands of blind or visually impaired patients now enjoy restored sight. This is the result of life-changing cataract surgery made possible by THAF funding.

Safe Water

In Ethiopia, only one in three people has easy access to safe water. One child in ten dies before his/her fifth birthday – half from diarrhea. THAF works to protect springs and build safe and inexpensive water collection systems.


“Podo” is a disfiguring disease affecting over a million people in Ethiopia who are too poor to afford shoes. It is the result of barefoot exposure to irritant soil. THAF provides shoes and funding to both prevent and treat this disease.

Women & Children

Little or no access to health care means high mortality rates for mothers and their children. THAF provides funding for primary care, obstetrical services, and much needed gynecology surgery for Ethiopian women.

Aids for the Disabled

Most handicapped people in Ethiopia have no access to prosthetic limbs, walking aids, or wheelchairs. THAF assists organizations that provide these devices. This allows children to attend school and be socially active.

Remembering Dr. Larry L. Thomas

It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of THAF founder Dr. Larry L Thomas. 

Larry’s virtual memorial service was held on Feb 13th at the Loma Linda University Church. If you’d like to watch the heart-felt tribute to our founder, please click the link below.

While Larry’s passing has left a hole in all the lives he touched, we want to reassure everyone that THAF’s work will continue for many years to come. 

With your continued support we will continue to make a difference in the lives of thousands of Ethiopians just as Larry intended. 

— Dr. Peter Smars & Henrik Jorgensen, THAF Board of Directors